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circut bordCreativity never stops in a person. The creative idea moves from one to the next idea. Creating is fun, innovative and exciting. For those familiar with the art of creating, the creative road is fraught with trials, errors, tests and modifications. However, for a creative engineer, the obstacles are inevitable in creating and more excited with the thought of innovations that convert to new designs, which lead to new products. Designing a prototype of your idea reduces the frustrations and ups the benefits.

If you are a student, a professional engineer or a hobbyist, you will find that most experienced obstacles have solutions using the technologically-advanced prototype tools you can find at accredited sources like our own site, Prototyping your design ideas presents advantages you may not know exist.

Pros in designing prototypes

There are no easy and smooth roads from concepts to final products. Building a prototype, however, makes failures a curiosity and a challenge and prototypes have the following added benefits:

Weeds out failed approaches.

Failure is inevitable when you work on translating ideas into workable projects. However, failures are lessons and from the failed attempts, you get to know what works and what fails. As you progress in your projects, you avoid the mistakes early and proves cost-saving.

Certainty in requirements.

Some failures experienced could be due to inadequate requirements and poor tools and devices used. The traditional method of getting information through interviews and discussion is not sufficient and could be guesswork on the part of those interviewed. Having a prototype will show functionality and gives a high measure of certainty of requirements.

Understanding of technical issues.

Building a prototype allows you to see both foreseen and unforeseen technical issues of your project. Early detection of technical issues makes you understand the problem and provide solutions. If the technical issue you find involves the prototype tools used and not the approach, you may want to find a source of materials that can provide the appropriate tool for your need. Luckily, we, at, are here and we are among the most reliable sources of such materials and tools

Making the correct decisions.

With a prototype, you can perform several methods on a feature and benchmark the approach, which shows the best performance. You can then analyze each approach and choose the one, which offers the best trade offs.

Getting financial support.

With a prototype design, you can make presentations to customers or prospective capitalists that show the amazing features and capabilities of your project. A good presentation of your well-designed prototype gives you a better chance of obtaining the financial support for the manufacture and marketing of your project.

Obtaining patents.

As an innovator, you want to protect your project by obtaining a patent. While it is true that prototypes are no longer required in applying for a patent and the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office now use the “first to invent rule,” prototypes are still the best means to show how your project converts to practice. Components of a patent application, however, still require drawings or illustrations of your design. A prototype of your project will come in handy.

Preparatory considerations in building prototypes

Before getting carried away with translating your idea into a product design, here are additional tips that may prove useful in considering your final output and putting you in the right mind frame:

Focus on building the prototype and not the cost.

It is natural that the cost will invade your consciousness while building your prototype, but allowing cost analysis during the initial stages of your prototype design will distract and delay you. The focus of your prototype design is one that will bring in value to your creation. A good prototype design will attract customers. It is then time to think of cost optimization.

Avoid the “easy way” of design.

Another tendency that a prototype designer falls into is taking the easy way. Bear in mind that there is no easy way in creating anything and will always present unforeseen problems. The focus of the design should be to build a “wow” factor into your prototype, as when you had this “wow” feeling when you conceived of the idea.

Build a prototype design reusable for volume production and distribution.

PcbYour prototype design should also serve the function of reusability and not only for demonstration purposes. Such vision looks towards your project’s marketability. Reusability, however, is not possible if you use inferior prototype tools to keep costs down or for flexibility. It is to your advantage to use prototype tools that will bring your design from laboratory to the market.

You can build a prototype design that can work to your advantage.

The process of creating your design can be fun and exciting, provided you do not fall into the pits discussed above. The materials you use for the prototype design can greatly affect the quality and performance of your prototype. It is, therefore, important to use technologically-advanced prototypes that can bring out the best performance of your design. Such tools are available from sources that you can rely on, such as our site, We at can satisfy our valued customers in terms of production and delivery.

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