Safety and Education: Important Factors in Garden City Homes for Sale

Architecture, curb appeal, and interior design are some of the most common factors that come to mind when you think about buying a new house. When looking to buy Garden City homes for sale, however, you have to go beyond these considerations. The aesthetics and structural factors are important but so are other factors such as safety and the availability of educational facilities.

Exploring Garden City

This city in the state of New York is founded by a European multi-millionaire. It is not a densely populated city. Due to a number of factors including the high cost of properties and the limited presence of business establishments, not a lot of people opt to move to Garden City.

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Garden City suits the life of a single person, of someone who wants to focus on his hobby, craft or studies. The property can also serve as a secondary or vacation house. Families who wish to have private space that’s separated from the rest of the neighborhood will find Garden City homes for sale appealing.

Quality Education in Garden City

Sewanhaka High School, located in the Village of Stewart Manor, is one of the highest ranked schools in the US and is where some notable alumni made a name in US history. Its reputation was boosted by the consecutive wins of their students on conferences and competitions. It was particularly noteworthy that their students were not simply aware of but are actually well-versed in the issues that are being faced by the United Nations. Indeed, this is a testament to the quality of education that the children of Nassau County homeowners will get.

Stewart Manor

The Garden City extends to the other unincorporated cities, East Garden City and Garden City South. When it comes to college institutions, Hoftra University, the north part of which is located in East Garden City, is also one of the highest ranked universities in the US. The university has an arboretum, a space allotted for trees. This is indicative that Garden City, in general, is in support of environmental protection.

Safety Concerns before Buying a Property in Garden City

Another thing to consider when looking for Garden City homes for sale or any property in any area, is the crime rate. According to a source in the Internet, property crimes, which include burglary and arson, are the most prevalent crimes in Garden City. Since stealing of motor vehicles is one of the most prevalent crimes in the Garden City, it is important to secure one’s car or automobile inside his garage.


The house should also be equipped with the necessary locks and security features. Of course, the windows and doors should be properly constructed in the first place. Anyone looking at Garden City homes for sale should check if the homes in his list have been able to withstand weather or climate changes. Even with houses that have remained standing through all the weather disturbances, you have to check for possible signs of structural damage or weakness that could actually cause the house to finally give in when the next weather system hits. If necessary, hire a professional to check for hidden or less apparent signs of wear and tear.

The kind of neighborhood is also an issue of safety and security. In Garden City, the neighborhoods are pretty much quiet and relatively safe as compare to other neighborhoods in New York. Emergency facilities as well as police stations are likewise present. Health and medical facilities are available for dispatch whenever they are required by the homeowners and residents of Garden City. With such assurance, it would not be hard to understand why people would pay good money to buy Garden City homes for sale.

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